BCC: Blind Carbon Copy

is a gossip and research based collabo-
ration between Maija Rudovska and Juste Kostikovaite who met during Group Affinity summer school workshop by Slavs and Tatars, held at Kunstverein München in 2011.
      BCC serves as a network project for curators from the Baltic countries and Scandinavia. It’s title, Blind Carbon Copy refers to the transmission of secret information through the bcc: function in the email programmes, when information is shared but the fact of sharing is hidden from the addressee.

Project is supported by Nordic Culture Point, The Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture; Danish Arts Foundation International Research Programme.

BCC: Curators Go to The Bar 90+

Reference here is to the 89+ platform by Hans Ulrich-Obrist & Simon Castets, for which so called ‘post-internet’ artists and cultural producers were invited to reflect on the new sensiblities of art production in the digital age. Is there a new paradigm in technologies that affects and constitutes the different way of thinking, seeing, consuming and working? How does ”post- internet” art reflect on distribution and frame it?

BCC is happy to present an online reader accompanying the series of events Curators Go to The Bar 90+. The reader introduces with both new and recycled material by artists and writers such as: Eoghan Ryan, Hannah Heilmann, Justė Kostikovaitė, Pakui Harware, Rory Rowan, Rózsa Zita Farkas. Edited by Maija Rudovska.
Available here
BCC: Curators Go to The Bar 90+:
lecture, workshop and screening The series of BCC: Curators Go to The Bar 90+ will be taking place at National Art Gallery and elsewhere in Vilnius on March 27-28th. They will be featuring a workshop by curator/gallerist Rózsa Zita Farkas (Arcadia Missa,UK) and a presentation by artist/curator Hannah Heilmann (Toves,DK), among others.
Detailed programme available here
BCC are happy to announce Eltons Kūns (LV) and Eoghan Ryan (IE) as residents for a one-moth residency at Rupert in March 2015.The open call at Rupert was intended for BCC: Curators Go to The Bar 90+ events, scheduled to take place in Vilnius late March, 2015. In conjunction with the exhibition What Thinks Me, curated in Taiga Art Space, St.Petersburg in June 2014 BCC organised the first meeting of Curators Go to The Bar 90+. Participants: Nikita Kadan, Monika Lipsic, Dmitrij Simanovskij, Rebecca LaMarre, Elina Petrova, Juste Kostikovaite, Maija Rudovska. Partners:
The Lithuanian Culture Institute; Rupert; Contemporary Art Centre; National Gallery of Art; Vilnius Academy of Arts.