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Blind Carbon Copy presents 3 days of events Curators Go to The Bar

Participants: Joachim Hamou (DK), John W. Fail (EE/USA), Maria Arusoo (EE), Lars Cuzner (NO), Institut for Colour (NO), Maija Rudovska (LV) and Juste Kostikovaite (LT).

Curators: Juste Kostikovaite (LT) and Maija Rudovska (LV)

Venue: kim? Contemporary Art Centre and Riga Central Market

Blind Carbon Copy will present its first public event Curators Go to The Bar where the public interventions into the locality of Riga is going to take place.

BCC is a network project for curators from the Baltic countries and Scandinavia. The title Blind Carbon Copy can be deciphered from the idea of the "silent transmission of secret or semi secret information through the function of bcc in emails, when information is distributed but the fact of distribution is hidden from the addressee”. BCC also can be read as an abbreviation of the Baltic Cute Curators - but let’s not miss the point: not all of the members are Baltic, not all are curators, and the cuteness as a very broad field of affects resides everywhere including millions of Youtube videos where cute kittens and curators don’t even start their fight for the viewers attention. All is clear: cuteness wins.

Contact: kostikovaite@gmail.com

Supported by: Nordic Culture Point, Office for Contemporary Art Norway, Frame Foundation, A/S Riga Central Market, EU Lifelong Learning Programme Gruntvig